Anam Cara : The Alternative Meeting Place

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The facilities at Anam Cara include:
bulletMain Conference Building - "The Tufty Top"

Secondary Meeting Place - "The Pavillion"


Intimate One To One Mediation Building



bulletAdditional Features

Main Conference Building

bulletAccommodates up to 25 visitors
bulletWood burning stove
bulletDisabled toilet
bulletSmall break-away room/ library
bulletAmple parking space

This unique timber building features an oak floor, turf roof and a stunning panoramic view over the city of Inverness and the surrounding area.

'The Tufty Top' - Main venue

Inside the main conference space




The main conference space
has a large kitchen immediately adjacent to it.



Secondary Meeting Place

bulletAccommodates up to 10 visitors
bulletToilet and showers

This intimate space is tucked neatly into the hillside and similarly has a view over the hills beyond and is south facing to embrace the natural heat from the sun.

There is a seperate kitchen adjoining the space with plenty of seating for both armchair discussion and around the table meeting.

Full tea & coffee facilities are available.


One To One Mediation Building

A circular "Whisky Barrel" has been created to hold a quiet, secluded space for healing, contemplation or as a space for one to one mediation and discussion.

Useful for counselling or for a calm environment to settle disputes.



bulletCentrally heated caravan accommodation for up to 14 people
bulletdouble and single beds available
bullettoilet and showers

The caravans are an integral part of the secondary conference facility. They sport a unique feature of being bedded in the hillside, enclosed by willow hedging with wooden decking with connecting kitchen and toilet facilities.


Additional Features

bulletMeditation room

There is also open access to Anam Cara's eight acres of grounds. This includes organic vegetable garden, soft fruit plantings, native tree nursery, forested areas, viewpoints and grass lawns all connected by a network of paths.

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